Workshop Quercus UNIA 2013

Program and Abstracts

Proceedings and final program


Lectures (copies in pdf)
Arndt Hampe – Oaks in Southern Europe: from history to ecology
Antonio González Rodríguez – Oak genetic diversity in México
María Valbuena – Genetics of Iberian Quercus: an atypical forest genus
Miguel A. Zavala – Vulnerability and resilience of Iberian Quercus coping with Global Change: theoretical models and applications
Jofre Carnicer – Effects of climate change on Quercus species: experimental, observational and synthesis studies
Ignacio M. Pérez Ramos – Spatiotemporal patterns of recruitment through plant ontogeny in Mediterranean oak forests
Fernando Pulido – Linking regeneration ecology to oak woodland management
Javier Navarrete – Facing the challenges of Dehesas conservation and management
Jesús Camarero – Global-change drivers of oak decline
Ismael Aranda – Global change and oak response to combined stresses
Rafael Villar – Growth of Quercus and responses to environmental factors
Pilar Fernández Rebollo – Management of oak woodlands in Spain
Vanda Acácio – Pathways for resilience in cork oak land use systems in Portugal: the role of ecological and land use factors
Mario González Espinosa – Ecological attributes of Quercus spp. and its application in guiding the restoration of humid forests in southern México
Teodoro Marañón – Oak forest ecology and management: an overview
Poster (copies in pdf)
Tiziana Gentilesca – Forest dieback: a study case of Quercus spp. population in Southern Italy
Herminia García Mozo – Influence of airborne pollen availability and meteorological factors on Holm oak acorn production in southern Spain
Carmen M. Padilla Díaz – Influence of climatic conditions on Mast-seeding in two Mediterranean Quercus species
Carmen M. Navarro Fernández – Variation of ecto- and arbuscular Mycorrhizas in Quercus spp. under different soil conditions
José Ramón Olarieta Alberdi – The soil factor in the distribution of Mediterranean oak forests in Montsec (Notheastern Spain)
María Dolores Carbonero – Patterns of acorn production in Spanish oak savannas
Pedro Villar Salvador – Bottlenecks for oak recruitment in a Mediterranean shrubland
Ramón Perea – Oak regeneration under high levels of wild ungulates: The use of chemically vs. physically-defended shrubs
María Patrocinio González Dugo – Remotely sensed monitoring of dehesa ecosystem evapotranspiration and water stress
Ana García Nogales – Holm oak (Quercus ilex subsp. ballota) intraspecific variability along a latitudinal gradient. A test of the Core-Periphery Paradigm
José Manuel Ávila – Impacts of cork oak decline on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes in Mediterranean mixed forests
Jara Dominguez Begines – Plant-soil feedbacks in declining Quercus suber forests
Will Simonson – Mediterranean wood pastures for biodiversity: Making the Lynx
Alma García Moreno – Nutritional status of Quercus ilex L. in response to different uses of Mediterranean open woodlands
Asier Herrero Méndez – Vulnerabilities and adaptation to climatic change in Spanish oak forests

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Comparative analysis and synthesis of the patterns of regeneration, decline and distribution of Quercus species
Coordinate by
Proyecto de investigación de excelencia. Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa
15 marzo 2011 – 14 marzo 2014